How it Works

There’s no rocket science on how it works, You simply choose a Care Plan and that’s it.

Here’s a few WordPress things that we’ll take care of…

and other things as well, just let us know

Peace of Mind Backups

Rest easy knowing that your site can be restored in minutes if something goes wrong!

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backups
  • Local and Offsite Disaster Recovery
  • Anytime Restore
  • Download your own Backup


“I wish my site was slower” – said no one ever. Experience custom lightspeed plugins!

  • Speed Optimizations
  • Image optimization
  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS optimization
  • Install Caching Plugins


We know anything can happen in a moments notice, that why we’re ready!

  • 24/7 Emergency Care*
  • 24/7 Restore Backup*
  • Blank Page Fixes
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Password Resets


No need to get your hands greasy! Our hands are already dirty from all the maintaining we already do on a daily basis.

  • Update WordPress
  • Update Themes
  • Update Plugins
  • Resolve any plugin conflicts
  • Remove unused themes and plugins
  • Remove unwanted Comments on Blogs


    Get ready for Fort-knox level security on your WordPress website!  With our Premium plugins, even Snowden cant get in!

    • Premium Security plugins
    • Malware Cleanup
    • Malicious Bot Detection
    • Virus & Malware Detection
    • Remove malicious links in Comments
    • Harden your Database and Site files

      Tasks (To-Do List)

      How does at-your-service task butler sound to you?  Just hand over your website tasks and let Jeeves take care of it for you!

      • All Small WordPress work
      • Highly trained WordPress experts
      • Form Creations (simple to complex)
      • Page and Post Content Posting
      • Changing Menus, Header and Footers
      • Setup Favicon / Changing Images
      • Alignment Issues
      • Install additional Plugins

        WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

        SEO is a hard. It’s also a long-term process. It’s a painstakingly slow process. We offer our Platinum Care Plan members 5 hours of Hands-on, White-Hat SEO work per month! Here’s all the things we’ll do!

            • On-Page SEO
            • Premium SEO Plugin
            • Google Analytics Integration
            • Google Tag Manager
            • Facebook Pixel Integration
            • Editing Metadata
            • Sitemap Creation and Submission
            • Monthly Baseline & Reporting


        À la carte

        We get it, you might have a lower care plan but need some work completed or you just need some custom development done, well fear not fellow WordPress Citizens, we offer this as well (hourly, of course!)

            • Malware Removal
            • Blog Content Creation
            • Social Media Content Creation
            • Graphic Design (banners, Social Media Posts)
            • Daily, Weekly Social Media Posting
            • Performance Tuneups
            • Site Hardening
            • Custom Plugin Development

        Yes, we do all that for a single monthly flat-fee!

        Crazy Right?

        Click here to get started!

        Our Strong Points

        We great at a few things and awesome at others. Based on the current team, here are our strong points.


        • WordPress / WordPress Security / Plugin Development
        • PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS
        • Search Engine Optimization – OnPage
        • Graphic Design
        • Social Media Marketing


        WordPress Newsletter Subscribers

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        WordPress Care Plans

        We offer a Care Plan for every budget, Easily choose one that fits yours!

        Quick FAQ's

        Why do I need WordPress Maintenance Plans?

        The number one reason would be to make sure that your site is updated, optimized and always secure. If your WordPress site crashes or you wake up to a WordPress site emergency, who would you call?  With WP Expert Services, you have a WordPress Developer available in a moments notice.  Keep in mind, WordPress is a large, complex environment and our trained staff knows WordPress really well. We'll get you up and running as soon as possible.

        How do I get started?

        It's easy! Head over to our  Care Plan and choose a plan that fits your needs and budget. We offer plans that fit all budgets. Choose the plan based on the level of support you want and the tasks you want accomplished.  Sign up with the pertinent details and we'll do a quick review of your site and let you know next steps.

        Will my credentials be secure?

        Great question. We will ask you to create a Administrator user account on your WordPress site. Once we receive the credentials, we connect your site through our secure portal so all employees can easily login for the work without revealing your username and password.

        Can I start a Care Plan if my site is currently down?

        We only accept working sites to start the maintenance plans. If your site is currently down, hacked or not available due to a malware issue please order the Malware Cleanup item as a one-time purchase and we'll get your site back up and running smoothly. Once it's up and running and free from malware, you can choose and start on any of the maintenance plans.

        What will you do if my site is Hacked

        The moment we get an alert that your site is compromised, we immediatly place it into Maintenance mode to stop further damage. Our care team immediatly gets to work in assesing the type of infection and proceed to determine the root cause. We'll get it cleaned up ASAP and if the cleaning process does not disinfect the site, we may have to revert to the last backup, which may take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of your site. Rest assured, you'll be back up and running in no time. 

        How are you different from the Others?

        At WPExpertServices, we don't Nickle-n'-dime each one of your task requests. We have an army of highly experienced WordPress developers at your disposal. You assign them a task and they will get it completed and provide a report back to you.