Best WordPress Malware Removal Services

WordPress Malware Removal Services in 48 Hours

Are you hacked with malware and want to remove it from your site? Well, you are at the right place as we are a team of professional WordPress Malware technicians. Our team is highly skilled in removing website malware and enhancing its security.

We’ve help 250+ sites resolve malware infection removals since 2011.


Detailed Website Files Scan

Our premium-level security WordPress plugin will scan your complete website to find all the infected files. After detecting the malicious files, we manually fix them and send you a complete report after cleaning.

Plugin Files Scan

We will scan all plugin files of your website. We’ll identify deprecated plugins and update the latest ones! We keep a constant watch over known vulnerabilities, browser-related attacks, and other malicious activities.

Website Database Scan & Cleanup

We will go through your website database to ensure it is free from malicious activities, bots, and Trojans. We will remove all such malicious files from your website, and secure the database from any misuse so that no one can hack it again.

Website Security Audit & Cleanup

We will also conduct a detailed website security audit and perform security hardening measures to ensure your website is properly secured. We install premium security plugins and keep an eye on your site and block suspicious IPs trying to hack into your site.


Remove Blacklist Warnings

Has your domain been blacklisted due to a malware or infection outbreak? We will take all the necessary steps to remove blacklisted warning alerts from Google. We will also look for the reason behind getting blacklisted in the first place and suggest a comprehensive solution to fix this problem permanently.

Malware Removal on Payment Gateway

We can also help you clean your e-commerce payment gateway from malware, Trojans, and other malicious codes. We will also make sure that your online payments are not interrupted or compromised in any way.


Website Malware Removal Report

This report contains detailed information regarding all the malicious activities of hackers. You will also get this report after our best WordPress malware removal services. It will also contain instructions to remove the malware from your website.

Reliable Support

With our experts, you will always get excellent and fast support. We understand that no one likes to be left in a panic when disaster strikes during payment gateways and other sensitive areas. You can completely rely on us for any support you require, and we’ll be at your service round the clock.


How to deal with a hacked website?

Once you have restored your WordPress website, we will take care of securing your site from any further possible harm. The difficulty of restoring a hacked WordPress site might give doubts in your mind. But don’t worry as we are experts in recovering websites and know about all the technical details. We can help restore the entire website backup with its files and functionality.

Detailed Website Files Scan

Plugin Files Scan

Website Database Scan & Cleanup

Website Security Audit & Cleanup


Malware Illustration

Remove Blacklist Warnings

Malware Removal on Payment Gateway

Website Malware Removal Report

Reliable Support

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Boost up your website’s security level with our professional WordPress security services. Our team of WordPress Malware technicians has an amazing track record of providing the best WordPress website security services at a reasonable price. We can make sure to remove malware successfully and boost up your website’s security in less than 24 hours.

Why WPExperts?

WPExperts is a secured WordPress Malware Removal & Security Company. We provide the best WordPress Malware removal services at a cost-effective price in a simple process. Our WordPress Malware Removal Experts team is highly skilled and certified in all the hacking techniques related to website security. With our security services, you will get all the reports and logs required to identify the exact source of the undesired activity on your website.


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Quick FAQ’s

Can I trust your WordPress Malware Removal Service?

Yes, you can trust our best WordPress Malware Removal Service. We have a team of certified experts who can successfully remove malware from your site. Besides, we have been providing this service to our customers for over 5 years, and we have never lost any of our customers’ websites yet.

How much will it cost to remove malware from my site?

Our WordPress Malware Removal Service is quite affordable as compared to other WordPress security companies. You can hire us for any WordPress malware removal service to boost your site’s security and keep it online for more than 3 years.

How long does it take to remove malware from my site?

We can clean up any malware, Trojans, or viruses from your WordPress website within 24 hours. However, it all depends on the volume of hacked files and the size of your website.

Will you also provide support after malware removal from my site?

Yes, we maintain 30 days of free support on malware removal from your website. We will always be available for support via email and live chat. If we find any suspicious activity on your website, we will fix it within 24 hours at a low cost.

What happens if the hackers return?

If other websites on your server get infected, maybe your website security is compromised again. But don’t worry, we maintain a 30 days guarantee if your website is hacked again, and we will do it without any cost.

What are your other services that I can get?

Our other services include the WordPress Malware removalWordPress SEOWordPress DesignWordPress Unlimited Support and many others.