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WordPress Maintenance

Platinum Care Plan


What’s Included?

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24/7 Emergency Support

We have on-call 24/7  support representatives available to help and answer any emergency support issues you may have. Our expert WordPress developers will monitor

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll set up 24/7 Site monitoring for any hiccups and downtime your site might face.  We’ll get pinged if anything goes wrong and we’ll get right on it to fix it.

Priority Support

Our on-staff WordPress developers will handle any technical or non-technical Wordpress issues you have. We’ll also help fix any issues you have.

Monthly Backups

We’ll take monthly backups on your site so we have a “good version” in case we ever need to restore your site.


Monthly Security Scans

We perform monthly security scans on your site to keep it safe and secure. We send you a report of anything suspicious on your site as well as a report of a clean bill of health on a monthly basis.

WordPress Tasks

When you send us what you want done to your website, we’ll get them done and turned back around to you, at an unlimited rate.

WordPress Updates

We will continuously test and check your site to ensure it is running smoothly, and that there are no issues.

Plugins Updates

We will make sure your plugins are all up to date to make sure that your site is fully functioning with no issues once you sign in.

Monthly Reporting

We will give you a updates report, security report, and task completion report delivered to you every month.

Off-Server Backups

We will make sure to place a backup file of your site and place it on a external server to prevent any damage is the servers do go down. 

Malware Removal

To make sure your site is safe from any malicious viruses, we will carefully remove them if there are any found.

Premium Security Plugin

We will provide you with a special plugin that keeps your website safe that would require you to pay for its access regularly.

Speed Enhancements

We will install a plugin that makes your website the fastest it can be, while also keeping your website in its highest quality.

WordPress Hosting

By using our hosting, you can save on costs by opting for our free hosting, that maintains the speed your website should run on.

Incoming Site Migration

Upon your decision to host with us, we will transport your current site into our hosting plans transferring everything, so you don’t have to. 

Premium Anti-Hack Plugin

We will install a plugin that will keep your website safe from any potential hackers that may threaten the site’s safety. This would normally require a seperate payment, but we provide this resource free of charge with this plan.

WooCommerce Support

We are WooCommerce friendly, and will help and support you along the way with your e-commerce website.

JavaScript Error Support

If you are not able to get out of the JavaScript Error loop that is commonly found with WordPress users, we would fix this. However, these are regularly highly complex to find and fix.

On-Page SEO Work

The platinum plan members receive up to 5 hours of SEO help from our SEO specialists every month, to help optimize your website.

Premium SEO Plugin

Squirrly Business Plugin

We install a premium plugin valued at $72/month for free to help optimize your website with SEO.

WordPress Care Plans

We offer a Care Plan for every budget, Easily choose one that fits yours!