Unlimited WordPress and WooCommerce Tasks, Support, Fixes & Maintenance. 24/7/365

We take care of your WordPress websites so you can focus on your business.

Flat rate pricing. Absolutely no hidden fees

Unlimited WordPress and WooCommerce Tasks, Support, and Fixes. 24/7/365

We take care of your WordPress websites so you can focus on your business.

Flat rate pricing. Absolutely no hidden fees

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Trust, Experience and Dependability Since 2011

We've been around since 2011 and have completed more than 500 Projects ranging from Websites to Mobile applications! Join us in our new venture. We've hired a great team to take care of every single WordPress issue or task that you have.

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WordPress Support

What we’ll do for you…

Weekly Managed Updates

You’ll have Peace of mind, knowing that your WordPress installation and Plugins are updated weekly to keep your site secure.

Harden and Secure your Website

We pro-actively monitor and secure your website so no-one can get in without your permission. We have a strict strong-password policy.

Take Off-Site Full Backups

WordPress Backups are painful and we alleviate that pain-point for you as we do daily and weekly off-site backups.

Premium Hack Protection

We’ll provide you with premium anti-hacking protection from malicious activities around the clock and this includes Bad-Bot protection.


Unlimited WordPress Tasks

Just email us your WordPress tasks and To-do’s and we’ll get them done for you!  No Worries, No Headaches!

WordPress Hosting

We offer industry leading WordPress hosting on blazing fast SSD’s backed by a reliable and secure infrastructure


All this, so you can rest easy

We provide the same care and attention to your site that we would provide to ours.

We’ll keep your WordPress website running at optimal performance and totally secure!

Dedicated WordPress Team working around the clock.







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Malware Removal

Performance Tuneups

CSS Changes

SEO Optimization

Analytics Integrations

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Get Started

Its super easy to get started, Just pick a plan that fits your WordPress maintenance needs and we’ll do the rest!

Quick FAQ's

Why do I need WordPress Maintenance Plans?

The number one reason would be to make sure that your site is updated, optimized and always secure. If your WordPress site crashes or you wake up to a WordPress site emergency, who would you call?  With WP Expert Services, you have a WordPress Developer available in a moments notice.  Keep in mind, WordPress is a large, complex environment and our trained staff knows WordPress really well. We'll get you up and running as soon as possible.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Head over to our  Care Plan and choose a plan that fits your needs and budget. We offer plans that fit all budgets. Choose the plan based on the level of support you want and the tasks you want accomplished.  Sign up with the pertinent details and we'll do a quick review of your site and let you know next steps.

Will my credentials be secure?

Great question. We will ask you to create a Administrator user account on your WordPress site. Once we receive the credentials, we connect your site through our secure portal so all employees can easily login for the work without revealing your username and password.

Can I start a Care Plan if my site is currently down?

We only accept working sites to start the maintenance plans. If your site is currently down, hacked or not available due to a malware issue please order the Malware Cleanup item as a one-time purchase and we'll get your site back up and running smoothly. Once it's up and running and free from malware, you can choose and start on any of the maintenance plans.

What will you do if my site is Hacked

The moment we get an alert that your site is compromised, we immediatly place it into Maintenance mode to stop further damage. Our care team immediatly gets to work in assesing the type of infection and proceed to determine the root cause. We'll get it cleaned up ASAP and if the cleaning process does not disinfect the site, we may have to revert to the last backup, which may take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of your site. Rest assured, you'll be back up and running in no time. 

How are you different from the Others?

At WPExpertServices, we don't Nickle-n'-dime each one of your task requests. We have an army of highly experienced WordPress developers at your disposal. You assign them a task and they will get it completed and provide a report back to you.

Common WordPress Myths

No one will hack my small site.

This is the huge misconception when it comes to website security. Everyday over 30,000 websites are hacked and most of them are preventable by regular updates to the site. If you dont have a Recovery Plan in place, you could be down for days or even weeks, which could translate into lost sales, lost clients and tarnished reputation. When you have a WP Expert Services plan, we’ll get you back up and running after a hack in hours with minimal downtime.

I can identify and fix the hack immediately.

Sure, if you plan on never sleeping and have nothing else to do! A 2020 report by IBM found that it took an average of 280 days for site owners to identify a breach or hacked website. We don’t think you want to wait this long, right…Not to mention the legal implications of a data breach!

I heard WordPress is really secure, why do I need your services?

Yes, that is true. WordPress is a secure web platforms in the world with thousands of contributors working on it constantly. The problem arises with the extra Plugins and custom Themes users install. (EVERYONE has installed additional plugins or themes) WordPress powers 40% of the Internet websites so it makes it very popular among hackers running automated bots to get into your site! No matter which platform your website is built on, There will always be security concerns as no site or platform is 100% secure. We help you mitigate those risks.

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