Let’s get some questions answered for you…

Do you really offer Unlimited Edits and Tasks?


Gold or Platinum Care Plan: Unlimited edits and tasks.

Silver Care Plan: 10 hours of edits and tasks.

Each task you submit counts has a 30 minute minimum time tracking. as a general idea, you can submit upto 10~16 different tasks per month on Silver plan.

What is a Change Request?

A change request is simply a ticket you send to us to accomplish a edit or a task.

If you need your logo updated, its a change request.

If a page on your site is broken, it’s a change request. Up to 30 min to bring it back to life.

The number of change requests you can send us at a time depends on the care plan you have.

Silver Care Plan: 1 Change Request at a time

Gold Care Plan: 2 Change Requests at a time

Platimum Care Plan: 2 Change Requests at a time

How do I get support?

It’s easy. You simply login to your private portal and submit a ticket. Tickets are monitored 24/7/365 days a year. We give priority to “site downs” or “other emergencies”.

How do I know if my task is completed?

You will get an email informing you that hte task as been completed. You may also login to your portal to get the latest status update.

How do I send in a task?

It’s easy.  You can submit a task via your portal and we’ll get working on it. We have Stipulated time in which we need to deliver the task.

Silver Care Plan: 2 Business Days

Gold Care Plan: 1 Business Day

Platimum Care Plan: 1 Business Day

What time do you do site updates?

It depends. Depending on where you are located, we usually perform the update after hours. We kick-off updates after 8 PM CST (-5 GMT) unless you have a specific reason where you need to do updates beyond  or sooner than 8 PM, that is the normal time.

Does it matter where I host my site?

No it does not. You will get the same level of service regardless of where you have hosted. 

We do offer hosting under our umbrella to make things easier. If you are interested in moving to our hosting, just open a ticket with us and we’ll show you the options. Some of our plans have free hosting.

Can I change my plan after initial Signup?

Yes, of course. Just let us know by opening a new ticket and we’ll get you upgraded!

What kind of Security Coverage do you provide?

All Care Plan Members: We do a initial analysis on your site and dive deep into your current state. We will perform some hardening steps to secure and lockdown your site. 

Gold or Platinum Care Plan Members: We also install a fully configured premium WordPress Security plugin. This is an expensive option so only available under certain plans. Our trained specialists will set each and every setting (some are very complicated and custom to the pages you have, as well as the type of site you have.)

For Platinum Care Plan Members: We also provide an additional level of security for your site for Hack Protection. This is a premium plugin, that continously monitors any hacking attempts on your site and bans them immediatly.

Do you offer Live Chat?

We do offer live chat during standard business hours. You can contact us during those times and we’ll help you out.

Do you offer Custom Development?

Yes we do! We have experience in Mobile applications, SaaS web apps and of course, WordPress. If you need any custom wordpress plugin developed, we can do that too.

Do you manage WooCommerce Websites?

Yes, we do. WooCommerce websites are more complex and take more time and resources than standard WordPress websites so WooCommerce sites are supported under the Platinum plan.

Do you manage WordPress Multisites?

Yes, We have many clients running under WordPress multisite installations. They have thier own complexity so we simply charge based on domain.

If you have a 2 multisite installation, we simply charge based on each domain under a CarePlan.

What happens after my Support Expire or cancel the Care Plan?

We would hate to see you go…. cry

But we understand…

As your WordPress Managed Care provider, we install premium-level plugins that follow our legal licensing path. We have contracts in place with developers to legally install the plugin to you while you are under our care.

You may cancel any Care Plan at any time, but you will lose the functionality of the Premium plugins and their configurations.

You may choose to purchase a premium license on your own after you cancel with us but you will have to do the configurations again.

We also have our in-house developed plugins which we use to manage your site and provide additional features, such as speed optimizations, backups, SEO, and other enhancements.

We will have to uninstall these when you decide to cancel.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Do you offer Hosting?

Yes! We do offer hosting and it’s free on the Gold and Platinum plan.  You can definitly save alot of money by taking advantage of Free hosting with your Care Plan.

We even offer free Old hosting to New Hosting Site Migrations, so you dont have to move a muscle!

Our hosting is on premium SSD’s and super fast backend infrastructure.

You dont have to switch your hosting if you want to sign up for a Care Plan! It’s just an added feature that we provide.


Does you support include troubleshooting conflicts with Theme and Plugin Developers?

Yes! We manage everything in your entire WordPress ecosystem.

Due to the sheer amount of plugins and themes available, conflicts are bound to happen when we do updates. Most of the time, our Level II team is able to resolve the conflict, but in some instances, we cannot.  This is when we reach out to the plugin or theme developer and inform them of the conflict. We’ll handle this for you so you dont have to.

If we are unable to resolve the conflict, we’ll get your site back up and running and then suggest alternative plugins.

If your hosting server goes down for any reason, we’ll hop on live chat to fix the issue with them, saving you upto 1 hour of your time.

Bottom line, WP Expert Services fully manages your WordPress websites so you don’t have to.

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