Marketing Intern

Must Haves (Minimum Requirements)

  • Integrity and Honesty (this is super important to us, If you fail here… you will be out no matter how good you are)
  • Strong knowledge of Social Media and Viral Postings for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc  (increasing likes , following on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , etc.)Will be required to show their own pages and portfolio work. (Don’t Apply if you don’t have this to show)
  • Excellent written and spoken English
      • You must be able to write blog posts (in English)in conversational tone. We want users to be engaged.
    • You must have be driven to succeed. If you are good, we’ll give you opportunity to own equity.
      • Founders have experience and have scaled multiple companies and made a lot of rich people.
  • The availability to work 40 hours per week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST
  • The ability to adapt to a diverse and multicultural environment
  • Must be self-starter…we’ll give you access and login and you need to run with it. Go market like crazy (only Whitehat) – We do not want or believe in any black hat techniques. (integrity here ?)
  • A fast, reliable & powerful workstation computer, microphone and speakers, reliable internet and power.
  • Working under tight deadlines
  • Producing high-quality work with a strong focus on detail

    Nice to Haves

    (Our senior team leaders will help you in these but if you have these “nice to have’s” then you will be given priority)

    • An understanding of SEO and what it takes to optimize sites.
    • An understanding of Google Search Algorithms
    • Must be very inherently organized, (not being organized will bug the shit out of you)
    • Create a weekly analysis report on all the campaigns,
    • Create content for mailers,
    • Write content for Web posting.
    • Update the database on a regular basis
    • You need to be generally a smart guy or gal.  We’re not here to teach you basics of computers, internet and research.
    • This position is a period of 3 months and has a high possibility, based on your output on your output to become a fulltime employee.



    • Social Media Marketing – SMM
    • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
    • WordPress – WP
    • English – EN
    • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
    • Digital Marketing, Creative Writing


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